The Relic

by Skullwinx

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„The Relic“ consists of mid-european hero tales, legends and historic events. The title track deals with the theodicy question, what would happen if god sends a prove of his existance to earth, the relic of an angel. Human greed, jealousy and the search for might result in a catastrophy. The question remaining is if we talk about an almighty lord, knowing that this will happen, is he a good one then? This object proving gods existance is called “Skullwinx“


released September 24, 2016

Music and lyrics written by Lennart Hammerer
Mix and Master by Sebastian Moser
Design, Scetches and Layout by Lennart Hammerer
Cover artwork by Theodora Dimitrova, Anton & Stanlislav Atanasov Photos taken by Celine Schmid
Drums, Vocals and Bass recorded at the Forester Studios
Guitars recorded at the Grotesque Studios on 26 of July through 21st of August 2016



all rights reserved


Skullwinx Tegernsee, Germany

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Track Name: Siegfried
It all began, when Reginn told his tale
Of Fafnir, a beast in the woods
He owns a treasure in his cave
And no one returned from the fight

So Siegfried, grabbed his sword
And rode to the dragons lair
When he finally arrived,
He only saw skull and bones

No one could ever survive
The vengeance of the beast
So many men have been killed
The Dragon, he must die

Eyes filled with vengeance, he raged out to fight
The search for glory, all his powers unite
No one could ever pierce, he armor of the beast
Neither could he, so it seems he’ll lose

Armed with Mourne he faced the beast, there is no return
he got to finish the fight, It won’t let him go


The belly was the only vulnerable point,
his last powers unify for one last strike
A scream of pain and the beast has fallen,
the hero hung by a thread

He took a bath in the blood of the dragon
His skin transformed into an armor
But one single leaf left one mortal point
Be on guard it might be your demise
Track Name: Attila The Hun
Behold the battle cry of attila the hun
Bloodshed in his mind, the rage has begun
Oh yeah
He gathered his army, they rode on the winds of war
They came to europe and reaped everything they saw
Take care
When will it end?

Attila, he came for war
Thousands more and what is it for?
Attila, reaped what he saw
No nules no law, kill to store

No friend no enemy, no matter who will come
The gain, this is the aim, everything shall be done
Oh yeah
The red sun and kingdom come for hungarian fair
No stop till austria, kill everyone who dares
Time to offend!


His once friendship with the high command of Rome
Ended in a disastrous mess he thought he could feel home
now pay!
Poisoned on his wedding night how could that be?
The hunnish empire will never again succeed

Track Name: A Tale Of Unity (Arminius)
As the romans marched to the northern lands
They already thought victory has come
But some clans break thier boundaries
And that’s where the legend was born

There was a man who wouldn’t take it
The time for rebellion is right to rise
He came up with a flawless tactic
Germanic battle force allies

The clans will unite!

As they sat waiting in the trees
the romans couldn’t use their fighting skill
Armed forces are falling on their knees
see all the motivation thrill

It is the time for an empire to fall
Spread by forests the battalion stuck
All are waiting for the final call
Now end all their luck!

Arminius, acted when it was serious
Arminius, he will find peace for us

The romans stepped into the trap
The end of the war was near
20 000 men couldn‘t come back
Rome has found its frontier

Raiding north proved to be too hard
Calus saw himself helplessly
Aiming the own sword at his heart
Let the tribes fall in ecstasy

So, Rome finally found their limit
An enemy they could not defeat
The allemanic secret was raw spirit
Valus, it’s time to retreat!

story ended glorious
He will find peace for us
Come with us
we’ll fight ‘em furious
He will find peace for us
Track Name: Carolus Magnus (Pater Europae)
In the land the splitted land, a human, a half god decend
To the crown, inherit the crown of a kingdom unbound
We see when earth will finally unify with the sea
Although it is a rocky road, he proves unbowed

Not a prince, not king is his name, he is the emperor
of the center of the culture, he is the adventurer
Kill away, spit away all the humans who stood in his way
to the power, the force they need to pay

Believing and free for all eternity
Believing and free he fought to be
Raiding the continent by gods courtesy
Believing and free he fought to be

Pater Europae, All the best for the Empire
Pater Europae, All the honour to what you desire

The future is real and his aim is so clear
to gather the armies and to invade the frontier
Even the pope and the church move away
trying to please his will, which will never astray

Believing and free for all eternity
Believing and free he fought to be
Raiding the continent by gods courtesy
Believing and free for all eternity

Pater Europae
All the best for the Empire
Pater Europae
all the honour to what you desire
Track Name: For Heorot (Beowulf)
At the night they’re crawling
From the deep shimmering light
There is no time for brawling
Unseen they take your sight

For Beowulf they were calling
For our safety he has to fight
Never wanted to see the empire falling
It’s time to show your might

The Beast is alluring into the green side
You may be there enduring your entire life

fight for the sea and fight for the land
You’ve got to fulfill your command
finally free, leaving it dead
He struck down the beasts green head

For the beasts mothers life he’s seeking
Diving down into the lake
Of dead bodies the water was reeking
How many more lifes will they take?

But this time it will be theirs
Beowolf enters the gloomy lair
By the power of his sword
Decapitate today sounds fair

Track Name: Carved In Stone (Princes In The Tower)
I was born in 1470 thrown in a wold of greed and fear
foreign constancy, the flow was meant to disappear
It was not my father’s choice to die with unfinished word
and leave the crown for his brother, Richard the third

As the oldest son, I should reign the land in higher age
Two new intrigues and the crisis entered a new stage
Stone cold, My own mother turned her back on me
She took the states treasury and the force of the sea

Carved in stone
they will seal our destiny
Carved in stone
living locked eternally
Carved in stone
we’ll never be set free
Carved in stone
It ends with certainty

He’s ruling, the heights of his power with the age of nine
Two intrigues see their empire slowly to decline
This new generation is a danger to/for what we claim
The caught let those young boys got no right to reign

So the princes shall be taken to a tower to rest
No time to wait the throne takes only the best
Close the door and turn the key this is the final ban
Never forgotten they will be never seen again

Track Name: Tryst Of Destiny
As we rode, we knew that the day will come
As we saw, the battle force, it is all said and done

The opposers, far to strong.
How can we be still alive?

Armed with weapons of shining steel,
they will break our bones

The army of the lost
We march into safe death
The army of the lost
We called it tryst of destiny

But they fell one by one.
Is it really our fight?

Our force, it carries on
How can we be so strong?

Am I dreaming? Is this real?
Will I see my Familiy again?

We fought like one, side by side.
We charge into the fight

Track Name: The Relic Of An Angel
The human kind has lived
Thousands of years
We prayed to god
“Are you really here?”
We tried to live our lives
The way us was told
To find our inner peace
What we have promised us
There was no answer
You didn’t show your face
what was in our mind?
We had doubt in all your kind

There it was, there it was, finally
The sign born from heaven
The wing, the relict, creature
Not from here, from earth
I couldn’t believe
The fact of his existence
Can I call myself the chosen one?

The Relic of an Angel,
which fell from the sky
It gave us the lead to see the light
Oh lord, can you see us bleed
We pray to you so high
The destruction of human kind
Will be our sacrifice

Shall I sacrifice all human? All I see is red!
Will I find my peace, when I will see them dead?
Look at their lies, just look at you
Do you see their lies? It came through you
Look at their lifes, collective suicide
When care and feeling dies,
let’s break their pride
Can you see their lies?
You see them dead?

Greed and pain’s the price
blood’s on your hands.
Don‘t wash away
let the sin pierce your soul
gold and shine can astray
let the bell of the damned toll

this is the dark result of curiosity
It let us to judge over others destiny
egoism forced them to this ferocity
They had not expected it with such penalty

Skullwinx - the sign of fallen kings
Skullwinx - pain destruction it brings
Skullwinx - the sign of fallen kings
Skullwinx - when heaven plays their strings

God, is it really a reason for war?
A piece of bone of something no one knew before

It led us down to a savage
Kind of animal
The quest for might
Force, to rule ‘em all
Wouldn’t it be wiser
To hide the piece
Mephisto has won
Your faithful bet

How could you be like this?
To judge us all
Seduce our souls
to keep us in thrall
Now it’s a living hell,
we failed for sure
the death knell rings for us,
take me, lure